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welcome to benrowe.co.uk!


what is about about?

about is about about. nothing more, nothing less.


why not call it faq?

1. no one has frequently asked me anything; and

2. this is about about, not faq, which no one does.


okay, so what's the deal here?

there is no deal.

what you get is what you see. some b&w line drawings, a bit of colour here and there, maybe something slightly funny...


what should I be looking at?

try the illustrations section first or maybe the picture of the week link which cuts the chaff from the bigger pile of chaff.

otherwise, try the pen, paint & pixels section under links for the professionals.


I heard something about washing machines

you did? who from? hmmm....try the washing machines section (in illustrations) for those pictures.


do you have a shop?

yes. all top quality items with no hint of a carbon footprint*, or anything else you might find on the bottom of your shoe.


how about collaborations/ commissions? do you do them?

yes. please feel free to contact me. the out there section has some previous work.


can I use your images for my Bookface page/ internet site/ brochure/ key fob?

see the copyright page.


do you update this site?

updates are normally at some point on a Sunday/Monday.

On a week with no Sunday/Monday, updates will occur on the next available Sunday/Monday and each Sunday/Monday thereafter.


can I ask you something (frequently, or otherwise) about your work/ website/ thoughts on the sasquatch?

of course! my contact details can be found in the contact section (@) above.


thank you

always a pleasure.


this website is best viewed on a computer, in colour, at 1024 x 768 on Firefox, in the afternoon with a cup of tea

your home is not at risk from looking at this website, but I can't guarantee that. consult your local council or Ombudsman for more details

I am in no way responsible for any external links from this site, nor do I know the whereabouts of the sasquatch...probably

this website is powered by the INTERNET



* the carbon footprint created by products for sale on this website and the website itself cannot be measured with any great accuracy

it's probably similar to a bag of sugar in weight, tastes a bit like chicken, and wasn't like it was when you were a child