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Calendar 2016

what does the future hold? where do Jay-Z and Beyoncé like to hang out? does the sasquatch exist*?

fear not! the answers to two of these questions could be found in the new Ben Rowe 2016 Calendar

never forget an important occasion, find out what day Saturday is on or just admire the artwork

this considered gathering of 2016's days, weeks and months can be yours to own...forever

each calendar features 12 classic images from benrowe.co.uk printed on quality stock to hang on your wall

this is a super strictly limited edition run, folks...so grab one while you can!

each one comes with a free extra day in February...and maybe a postcard


2016 Calendar! image © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk

January - 'Leaven' Home' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  February - 'On Reflection' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  March - 'Autographs of the Stars - No.472: Marcel Marceau' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk

April - 'Tip of the Iceberg'' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  May - 'Always Credit Your Sauces' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  June - 'Somewhere. Anywhere' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk

July - 'Shadow (Walking Tall On Low Walls)' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  August - 'Discus Discuss: The Olympics' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  September - 'Jay-Z and Beyoncé (not pictured)' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk

October - 'We Came, We Saw, We Conkered' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  November - 'The Furthest Away Man In The World' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  December - 'There's A Light That Never Goes Out' © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk


calendar size 21cm x 21cm

(21cm x 42cm when open)


Photos of the calendar - © Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk


price per calendar

email me an offer!

(p&p: UK - £2 / Europe - £4.50 / World - £5.50)


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